We love to CELEBRATE at Capernaum! Here's a look at last year's St Patrick's Day Party!

You are Invited...Celebrated...Needed!

Club is an hour of fun designed with you in mind. It is a comfortable place for you and your friends.

What Happens at Club

Hang out with your friends. Laugh. Club is designed just for you. At club you can relax, have a good time and be yourself.  The music, crafts, stories,  games may surprise you, so get ready to enjoy an experience like no other.

At Capernaum Club, you'll have the opportunity to hang out with other teens and young adults who want you to have a great time!  Whatever your abilities or disabilities are, you'll be able to fully join in the fun.  And before you know it, you may find yourself doing things you didn't even know you could do!! Each week, we'll also take some time to talk about Jesus, how amazing He is and how much He wants to be your Friend!

But Club isn't the end.  Through the friendships you make with leaders and peer buddies at Capernaum, you'll get to hang out together outside of Capernaum Club and enjoy outings like bowling, mini-golf and trips to a museum, ice cream shop or zoo!



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